Kitchen clutter isn’t new, and that’s why it is always helpful to find some handy and creative ways to de-clutter the cooking space, in an efficient and eco-friendly way. These design hacks will help re-invent your small kitchen.

Every home gets staid and boring over a period of time. Rooms need to be re-invented every now and then to change their look, infuse new life and make space interesting to live in.

While living, dining and bedrooms are flexible and easy to re-invent, the kitchen is one space with severe limitations. Cabinets, countertops and decor often last for years, and except for changes in linen and utensils, there is not much one can do to drastically change the look. This may be what you think, but we think otherwise.

If you’re bored of the look of your kitchen, yet don’t have the freedom to do much, here are 6 clever kitchen design hacks that not just add style, but increase storage and brighten up space.

Add Mirrors to Increase the Sense of Space

Mirror Backsplash

Small kitchens almost always feel cramped, claustrophobic and dark. Adding mirrors instead of tiles as backsplash, visually enhances the space, brightens it up and covers stained or chipped older backsplash tiles cleverly.

Fill Blanks Walls With Pantry Shelves

With the absence of a pantry comes a lack of storage space.

In order to make up for this, walls can be lined with simple open shelves and filled with glass jars and bottles, that not only store food but also add a bit of decor.

Paint Over Old Backsplash

Face it, backsplashes are the first to show signs of damage and wear and tear after several years. If your tiles look discoloured or stone looks grimy, paint a new design to change the overall look.

Get a Granite Look on Budget

Granite can be expensive. If your granite countertop is chipped, or shows signs of wear and tear and needs a change, an interesting way to add a new look is by using plywood, painting over it with chalkboard paint and sealing it with paste wax. Besides giving the appearance of solid stone, you can even use your counter to jot down food notes and recipes.

Increase Storage With Floating Shelves

Space between the cabinet and ceiling is rarely used. Rather than cramping up the lower cabinets in small kitchens, an interesting way to build storage is by adding floating shelves to the ceiling or over counters, to store food and crockery, and add a fun decor element.

Repurpose Baskets

There are plenty of ways to spruce up the kitchen without spending much. Using old cane baskets, which can be used on the multipurpose uses.

The baskets can be used a as pendant lights or can be converted into a beautiful DIY decor pieces add an interesting and quirky look to space.. Cane baskets are majorly used for store dry items like fruits, vegetable, packed items, which will reduce the clutter in your kitchen.

Small Kitchens do have their challenges, but the trick lies in enhancing the space and decor visually. We hope you enjoyed this fresh design hacks about the small kitchen, and that you found it helpful. We are thrilled to hear about how you have used our tips to make your first home. If you enjoyed reading this, please share it with friends and family members who may be looking for tips on design. We look forward to hearing from you! For more inputs on re-inventing the look of your small kitchen, reach out to our team at HomeLane.


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