Did you know that the heart of your home, the kitchen, can be a hotspot for dust, grime and bacteria? This is particularly true for Indian kitchens since our cooking uses more oil and produce more pungent odours that may linger on everything from the kitchen tiles to the utensils. This means that you spend so much time cleaning instead of cooking! We are here to give you some tried and tested tips on cleaning your kitchen efficiently and quickly. Are you ready to begin enjoying your time in the kitchen?   

1. Begin The Day Right

Such a simple suggestion, right? Yet many of us get lazy at the end of the day and may leave dishes in the sink or dishwasher after cooking which means that when you enter the kitchen the next time, you will have to face a pile of dirty dishes. Now, who wants to begin cooking in a dirty kitchen? So make it a habit to clean as you cook or right after. Don’t wait to finish eating. Do it immediately so that you step into a clean kitchen every single time. 

2. Clean Your Sink Daily

Since you are always cleaning dishes in the sink, you may assume that the sink is clean. But this is not true. Food waste can get stuck in the drain and the crevices of the sink, causing bacteria to build up. This bacteria can be transferred to your dishes and could even be the cause of infections for those using the dishes. So make sure that you rinse and wash the sink daily with a good anti-bacterial soap. 

Modular Kitchen Maintenance tips

3. Do Monthly Checks

You may stop seeing little issues in your kitchen when you see it daily. Burn stains on the cooker, rust spots on your stainless steel pans, blunt knives with loose handles? Put an alarm for one day each month (weekend preferably), go through all the dishware and appliances. Address every issue so that it doesn’t pile up. 
kitchen appliance maintenance tips

4. Oil Your Cutting Boards  

Cutting boards are often just rinsed down even though we use it daily. You may not see it, but food particles can get stuck in them and cause bacteria to build up. When cleaning your wooden cutting board, or any other wooden utensils, remember not to soak them in water or they will warp and crack. If you use your board to cut raw meat, be extra cautious and use a very weak bleach solution to avoid bacterial contamination. Once a month you should oil your board to keep it from drying out.
kitchen cutting board Maintenance

5. Keep Your Cleaning Tools Ready

When you are mentally prepared to do a little cleaning in the kitchen, you don’t want to find yourself short of the right cleaning equipment. This doesn’t mean that you buy yourself every fancy kitchen cleaning product and stuff it under the sink (which can be overwhelming too), but make sure that stock up on the essentials so that you can start cleaning whenever you are in the mood for it.

Kitchen cleaning and Maintenance tips

6. Clear Out the Countertop

Even if you are not a fan of the minimalistic ideology, when it comes to your kitchen counters try to go minimal, especially if you have a small kitchen. Having too many things on the counter can turn you off from working in the kitchen. So try to put away things that you don’t need all the time in the cupboard. If you don’t use the toaster and waffle maker daily, try to find storage for them so that they are not taking up space on your counter. Try to hang up spoons like the image below so that you have more counter space.

kitchen countertop Maintenance tips

These are just a few ideas to help you keep a clean kitchen easily. A good kitchen layout and the right accessories can help you keep your kitchen organised and neat. If you need help with your kitchen design, get in touch with the experts at HomeLane, today.

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