Looking for some design inspiration for your modular kitchen? While there will always be takers for all-white and wood finished kitchens, you can check out some laminate combinations that will make your kitchen décor pop! Ready to add an element of fun to your kitchen look book? Here are some kitchen laminate colour combinations to get you started.

1. A Zesty Dose of Sunshine

Citrus yellow is refreshing and stimulating and evokes images of the sun-drenched tropics. Splash some sunshine on your cabinets for eye-popping flair, and then tone down the warmth with soft, cool white. A combination that always works!

yellow and white kitchen laminate

2. Peppy and Bold Kitchen Laminates

A neutral shade that adapts to any colour combination, grey is definitely the new black this year! Smokey grey and post office red are a stunning combination, made even more so against the oak wood backdrop in this modern galley kitchen.

Red and wooden grain Kitchen laminate

3. Wooden and White Kitchen Laminates

You just can’t go wrong with this combination that contrasts the warmth of natural wood against the cool elegance of white. While this kitchen uses the softness of cedarwood on the lower cabinetry, just about any shade of wooden veneer will look as good. Experiment with dark and light wooden veneers until you find a combination that works for you.

kitchen laminates

4. Sky Blue Takes Centre Stage

Sky blue and distressed grey do wonders for this minimalist home, where just the bare minimum seems to work perfectly well! Mismatched, recycled stools sit around the breakfast counter, hand-painted in an eye-catching shade of blue.

5. Chilled Champagne Kitchen Laminates

Silken champagne cabinets sit pretty against a backdrop of bubblegum pink in this trendy kitchen. The designer has used vivid red in the chairs in the foreground to add a pop of colour that sets off the undertones of the pink. We do love the way the same colours are given added emphasis in the ceiling and walls!

6. Yin and Yang

The timeless beauty of black and white is elevated to a whole new level in this contemporary kitchen, that puts the beauty of high-gloss laminates to good use. The backsplash is stencilled with an elegant native vine design that gives some relief to the simple, straight lines in the cabinetry. A theme that definitely makes the case for a classic monochrome palette!

7. Spring Green against White

There’s nothing like the verdancy of green to lower stress levels and infuse a sense of calm and peace into your home! The freshness of spring green stands out sharply against the cool white of the upper cabinets in this lovely, cool design.

8. Delicious Burgundy

The classic pairing of a dark shade against off-white never fails to inspire. Burgundy adds a sensuous touch to this showstopper kitchen and is perfectly complemented by the bisque white shelves and tiling.

9. Steel Blue and Creamy Beige

Evocative of pristine white beaches, cloudy skies and deep seas, this classic colour combination is a perennial favourite. The open shelves, done up in contrasting colours, add to the charm of this lovely two-tone kitchen.

10. Soft Pastels Kitchen Laminates

Blue is a shade that is always comforting and very familiar to the eye since it is found just about everywhere in nature! Powder blue combines with whispering white in this soft, almost ethereal kitchen. The quiet, subtle matte textures enhance the restful palette.

11. Strong and Impactful

Black and red is a combination that never strays far from every designer’s look book! Strong and impactful, this is a confident mixture of shades that is always a guaranteed showstopper in your home. Here, the designer has used matte finishes everywhere to add an understated element to the palette.

12. Rainbow Hues

Can’t make up your mind? How about going with all the shades in the rainbow, for this pretty-as-a-picture kitchen! Every shade gets its own space and is given equal importance. Tone down the brilliance with upper cabinets in black, white or neutral wood veneers for a stunning effect.

kitchen laminates

All said and done, the colour palette you choose for your kitchen should be something that appeals to your personality, and resonates with your sense of style. Still, wondering how to get started? HomeLane is here to help!

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