What is Kitchen Carousel?

Kitchen Carousel is a stack of circular plates or trays that rotate around a central axis, making every inch of them very accessible. These carousels are clever storage options, essential in modern modular kitchens that otherwise suffer from lack of adequate storage.

Kitchen Carousel

Kitchen Carousel Features:

  • Carousels are revolving cabinet units, where circular trays/plates are designed to rotate around a central axis, which is either a rod or pole fixed into a cabinet.
  • They provide high space utilization with seamless access.
  • 2 or 3 carousel trays or circular/ semi-circular Lazy Susans are usually stacked one over the other.
  • Kitchen carousel trays are either circular or semi-circular, depending on the design and kind of kitchen cabinet
  • They provide easy and convenient access to utensils and other kitchen items. Kitchen carousels can be rotated or pulled out based on the design.
  • Usually, they are fitted in kitchen corner units, in L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen layouts. They help in maximizing the use of space in such layouts, which often goes wasted
  • They can store both light and heavy utensils rarely used crockery and also food products.
  • Carousels are not designed independently of kitchen cabinets

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