A traditional “TV Unit” is a piece of furniture that’s crafted to store a TV, sound system, and other accessories. With evolving television designs over the years, right from huge physical systems to flat-screen TVs, the functionality and aesthetics of the tv unit have evolved as well.

Do You Really Need a TV Unit?

The necessity of a TV unit has become redundant since televisions have become so slim and easily wall mounted. There are no more VCRs to store since everything is online and wireless. However, they still serve the function of storing video games and other items. It’s additional storage in the living room where a lot of knick-knacks end up. More than that, they serve an aesthetic purpose, and the one you pick should go well with your home’s decor sense. However, you can decide to go sans-TV unit if you want. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of owning a TV unit:


1. Functionality: TV units are a customisable items of furniture that you can find or get made to suit your needs perfectly. It can store all your television accessories including the sound system, your book collection, photo albums or anything else you want in the living room.

tv unit functionality2. Aesthetics: Every unit has its own aesthetic and adds to the aesthetics of the room its in. Whether its a teak finish, classic one, a sleek, modern one or anything in between, TV units definitely add to the look of a room.
TV unit aesthetics

3. Focal Point: For many of us, the living room just isn’t complete without a television. It brings the family together in a sense.  The television unit is often used as the focal point for your other furniture to be arranged around.

Types of TV Units

Television units come in many types and colours. Depending on where its placed and what you need it for, the purpose of the unit can vary as well. We can distinguish the types of TV units into two general types:

TV Racks

The classic and traditional teak finish television unit is perfect for a classic vibe. You may choose closed drawers, open shelves or a combination of the two. TV racks look similar to a tabletop with a flat back that goes against the wall.

TV racks Wall-mounted TV Unit

Wall-mounted TV units are popular choices in most modern homes. It doesn’t take up any floor space which is a bonus, especially since urban homes are getting smaller. The unit, as well as the television, will be mounted to the wall, giving a sleek, minimalistic, and modern look.

wall mounted tv units with storage

Things to Note While Picking a TV unit:

1. Viewing angle: To achieve the ideal viewing height, you may have to either opt for furniture that’s at the right height or mount it on the wall. Most TV unit designs now come with a wall-mounted TV that only caters to one viewing angle. You can solve this by opting for a base or stand to place your TV on, which helps the TV move to the sides.

2. Size and fit: The size of an entertainment / TV unit you pick should depend on how big the room is. Don’t try to fit an extra-large unit into a small room as it will make your space look cramped. If you have kids at home, you should be extra cautious to make sure that your entertainment unit is fixed well if it’s wall-mounted or that the unit that’s placed on is very steady.

3. Cleaning: Make sure that you pick a unit that’s easy to clean. Smaller shelves and drawers can sometimes be harder to dust. Dust can also collect under the unit.
off beat colour TV units
If you are considering getting an entertainment unit customized to fit your room and cater to your needs, talk to one of the experts at HomeLane today. We have got it all – entertainment units with additional storage space, compact television units in any colour that your decor requires! There are multiple options for you to choose from depending on your need and preference.

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