Home interiors have evolved. Nowadays many people are choosing to spend more and more time at home. Therefore, they must have everything they need to live their lives happily and comfortably, for it now includes doing office work and studying for long hours. Home office and homeschooling are getting more and more popular in the twenty-first century, and one of the crucial pieces of furniture that people are using these days is a study table.

A sophisticated study room or a home office is one of the necessities in urban homes. A study room or office comprises all the things a person needs to conduct their daily work or school life. It includes a beautiful study table, a comfortable chair, a small section to keep books, a bit of greenery, and amenities for all the gadgets that one might need.

modern study table design

Why Do We Need Study Tables?

Study tables are specially designed tables for the purpose of work or study. It is a very common furniture piece in kids’ rooms or home offices. You can also find temporary study tables in shared houses or rented paying guest homes. A person needs to sit in a proper posture if they are going to study or work for long hours. Studying or working from bed or in inaccurate postures can have serious health implications. Therefore, the study table is one of the primary furniture pieces designed for a kid and adult room. It helps you to –

  1. Maintain proper posture
  2. Work/ study comfortably & efficiently
  3. Add to the beauty of the home interior
  4. Maintain professional aesthetics during office calls
  5. Segregate personal and professional space

latest study table design

Things to Consider Before Choosing from Beautiful Study Table Designs

Size of the Study Space

Typically, parents get a single dynamic study table for their kids’ room. However, some kids don’t like to sit next to each other while taking online classes for the home school or while reading. In such scenarios, it is wasted space. So, consider the need and preference of yourself and your kids before committing any space to the table. Some people prefer a well-sized work table to set up their office and prefer integrated electrical outlets. This is great for people who work mostly from their homes.wall study table design

Study Table Price

Study tables can range from just a few thousand to lakhs. There are a lot of variables that play an important role in the cost of a study table. A high-quality material can cost you more than you imagined, customised designing is another factor to be considered. Sometimes with a limited budget, it becomes a decision between design or durability. After all, you don’t want a beautifully designed study table to wear off in a few years, and neither can you live for decades with a study table that you dislike. It is recommended to discuss it with an interior designer to arrive at an optimal choice.

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Study Table Design

It is difficult to choose from a range of beautiful study table designs. Therefore, you need to decide on other factors first to filter out and shortlist the study table that will fit your home décor. If you know the size, budget, style, and material, it becomes really easy to finalise the study table design for your home. If you are confused, then you may create a Pinterest board or a mood board of your home interiors and put the pictures of shortlisted study tables on the board along with the rest of the interiors. This will help you visualise the final room before launching the bullet. wardrobe with study table design

Trending Contemporary Study Table Designs

Are you looking to setup your study room in a contemporary way. Here is a list of five beautiful contemporary study table designs for you to consider for your study room interiors:

A Multitasker Study Table Design

It is a table that can hold your books, files, documents, stationery, and more. It can be your décor spot, mini library, awards and recognition wall or anything that you want it to be. If you are willing to dedicate a decent space for your study table and want it to accommodate more things than just your laptop or books, then you might want to consider this multitasker.

multitasker study table

Work from Home Study Table Design

It is a table that comes with all the amenities of your workspace. It has electrical outlets to plug in all the gadgets and space to display the calendar, a bit of greenery and suitable light. Just add a beautiful chair, and you will not miss your office again. You might still miss your colleagues, but not the workspace. It is most suitable for freelancers and people who mostly spend a lot of time working from home.

home study table design

Customised Modern Study Table with Bookshelf Design

Are you someone who prefers everything in sync? If the answer is yes, then customising the study table with bookshelf designs to match your home décor is the best way to go. It can make your study room or home office look like one of those in magazines. This is one of the most preferred categories of study table designs among the people who get their home interiors designed by professionals.

They can fit anything from a chalkboard to a bulletin board. It can have space to store your work files or books. It can have a designated space to display the awards or certificates or to hang kids’ artwork.

modern study table with bookshelf design

Compact Corner Study Table Design for Bedrooms

Don’t want to dedicate a lot of space to the study area? No worries! These compact modern study table designs can fit in any room wherever you have some spare space and can still keep your work life and personal life separate. The only con of this study table is that it is not suitable for those who need to use screens or need bigger space to manage their workload.

corner study table design for bedrooms

Foldable Space-Saving Study Table

Are you someone who doesn’t want a permanent study table or someone short on space? If yes, then these foldable simple study table designs are the best for you. A study table will disappear when you don’t need it and can reappear whenever required. So if you don’t want to lose any of that precious space, this is the right fit.

foldable space-saving study table

Study tables are a must-have furniture piece in the twenty-first century. Many online websites can either buy a study table or get it designed and manufactured by interior designers. HomeLane is one of the few companies that provides custom-made and ready-made study tables in a vast range of designs. They have designs and study tables for every budget and space. Feel free to check out their website for more details. You can even check out their blog for more inspiration on interior design, such as bedroom designs.


1. Which Material Is Best for the Study Table?

The best material for study table design for home is wood. You must ensure that the wood material is of high quality and promises sturdiness as well as durability. You can also go for semi-wood or wrought-iron study tables.

2. How Can I Design My Study Table?

When it comes to study table designs, there are plenty of ideas you can experiment with:

  • Go for a study table with bookshelf designs or a modern study table design that is sleek, functional, and compact
  • Select the right chair that complements the table
  • Add a gorgeous lamp and make your bedroom’s modern study table design shine
  • Decorate the space with items that reflect your personality
  • Use organisers and storage boxes to keep your study table design neat and clean

3. Which Wood Is Best for Study Table?

When it comes to wooden study table designs, there are many materials you can choose from, such as cherry wood, oak wood, maple wood, black walnut wood, and ash wood to name a few.

4. What Is the Standard Height of a Study Table?

Ergonomically speaking, the standard height for a study table design should be between 25 to 30 inches. That said, make sure to sit and understand the best height that suits you and leaves you relaxed.

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