Decorating small spaces is all about using ingenuity in design, and choosing the right furniture and furnishings. Doing this cleverly will convert a cramped space into a comfortable one. Below are 10 essential furniture pieces that are a must-have in your small home or apartment design.

1. Stackable Stools

Seating is an important aspect to be factored into home design, irrespective of how big or small the home is. In small homes, seating is often sacrificed for other necessities or even compromised. A great solution is a stack of stools that can be tucked away after use or spread around when extra guests visit the home.

Stackable stools

2. Pedestal Table

A round table supported by a slender base, pedestal tables can be tucked away into small spaces with ease. These don’t have sharp corners and no legs jutting out that can hurt you while you walk around your limited space. It is also easy to squeeze in many chairs and people around one.

Pedestal table

3. Stackable Shelves

Shelving that can go vertical or horizontal is flexible and can be arranged as per the needs of the space. Versatile cube-like shelves that can be separated and stacked, used in different rooms or positioned horizontally can have so many uses. Sturdy ones can even double up as a hard bench.

4. Big Mirrors

Mirrors make for a great furniture piece because they make small spaces appear larger. Hanging a large mirror in the hallway or living room makes the room feel bigger, reflects the decor of the space and also natural light. Oval and square mirrors look great in the living room while rectangular floor mirrors look good in the hallway.

big mirrors

5. Settee

A small love seat or settee is not just cosy but can be placed in any corner. It provides comfortable seating without the bilk of a full sofa. It can be a great addition to a living room and complements any other furniture that is placed with it.

6. Small Armchair

Large armchairs may be comfortable but if you live in a small home, they can occupy too much space.  Armless chairs or armchairs are perfect alternatives. They are discreet, occupy minimal space and in case you move to a bigger home, can be placed with other furniture pieces in the living room along with a bigger seating arrangement or be placed in the hallway or you could create a little reading nook in an empty corner.

7. Bedside Desk

You need a work desk and you need a bedside table, so why not combine them and save space? Pick a sleek design that has space under it to slide in a chair, and ta-da! You have yourself a work desk that also doubles as a bedside table at night.

The parson desk

8. Backless Bench

There’s nothing that a bench can’t do. From doubling up as a makeshift dining table to being placed at the foot of the bed, from being used as a coffee table to providing extra seating when chairs run out, benches perform so many different functions. Visually, a backless bench occupies less room and looks sleeker – perfect for a smaller room.

9. Pouffes Or Bean Bags

Pouffes or Bean Bags in faux leather, rustic burlap or sturdy cotton are a must for any home. Use them as seating, footstools or side tables and they can be moulded to replace any piece of furniture.



10. Acrylic Chairs and Tables

Furniture made in acrylic is a stylish option for sure. This material is an excellent choice for small spaces as it lets light through and gives an airy feel to the room.

Transparent chairs

Small apartments don’t need small furniture but clever design choices. Select your furniture carefully and you will find that your home can be as comfortable as you need it to be. Need help with your design? Talk to the experts at HomeLane today!


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